Terms and rules

Adventure Pilot Forum Terms and Rules

Welcome to the iFly EFB community forums, hosted by Adventure Pilot, the company behind iFly EFB and the legacy iFly GPS. The purpose of these forums is to provide a place where users can interact with each other to ask questions, share information, and provide feedback to Adventure Pilot regarding the usability of the iFly products.

You don’t have to be an iFly EFB or iFly GPS user to participate—anyone with an interest in the product is welcome to join in the conversation.

Note that while these forums are hosted by Adventure Pilot, the views expressed here are primarily those of users and are not necessarily endorsed by Adventure Pilot. Adventure Pilot employees may occasionally participate in the discussions, but most of the participation (and forum moderation) will be from the user community.

Adventure Pilot wants these forums to be a positive environment that supports efficient use of and improvements to the iFly EFB product. To this end, forum users are expected to adhere to the following goals and expectations.

Forum Goals

  • Primary goal: Provide a positive, peer-based support environment for users of iFly EFB and legacy iFly GPS
  • Secondary goal: Provide a feedback pathway to Adventure Pilot for user-suggested iFly EFB improvements

Participant Expectations

To achieve the forum goals, Adventure Pilot has certain expectations for forum participants:

Be welcoming. Everyone is invited to participate in these forums, regardless of race, religion, gender, political affiliation, or any other classification.

Be polite. We are all individuals deserving of respect. Differences of opinion are expected to occur, but reasonable people can find reasonable ways to discuss such differences. Be reasonable, and be polite.

Be helpful. Everyone was a new iFly user once, and things that are familiar to long-time users may be unfamiliar to new users. Even iFly veterans may not know all the capabilities of iFly EFB. The different user experiences we all have are an asset here—sharing information from those who know to those who don’t in a positive way is the primary purpose of this forum.

Be relevant. These forums are intended to support the use of iFly EFB and legacy iFly GPS, and improvement of iFly EFB. The Internet is full of places to discuss other topics. Let’s keep our discussions here focused on iFly.

Unwelcome content

Most of this falls under the heading of “common sense”, but to be clear, there is some content that will not be tolerated here, including:

  • Harassment, personal attacks, or other malicious behavior against forum users, including “trolling” (intentionally provoking or antagonizing other users)
  • Vulgar, abusive, or otherwise offensive language
  • Offensive material such as pornography or violent content
  • Solicitations and advertisements
  • Promotion of illegal activities
  • Political or religious discussions
  • Any other content that Adventure Pilot deems to detract from the goals of these forums

Forum Moderation

While these forums are sponsored by Adventure Pilot, there are no Adventure Pilot employees dedicated to support the forums. Instead, Adventure Pilot has assigned moderator duties to volunteers from the user community to help keep the forum organized, free from unwelcome content, and compliant with the participant expectations listed above. Moderators have the authority to remove offensive content from the forums, and may take action to ban or otherwise restrict users who violate the participant expectations or post unwelcome content. It is emphasized that moderators are volunteers and are not necessarily online around-the-clock, so immediate response to unacceptable behavior or inappropriate content is not guaranteed—moderators perform their roles on a best-effort basis only.

Users can assist in maintaining a tidy forum by reporting objectionable posts. This will highlight the questionable content for moderator attention.

Legal Stuff

The content of these forums is supplied by forum users (also referred to as “Participants”) with occasional responses from Adventure Pilot. Adventure Pilot shall not be responsible for policing, monitoring, or editing such content, exercises no more editorial control over such content than would a public library, bookstore, newsstand, or other distributor of content, and accordingly, shall not be responsible for exercising editorial control over such content. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Adventure Pilot shall have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor such content in order to respond to or comment upon communications by Participants and in order to determine compliance with the foregoing Participant Expectations and Unwelcome Content. Adventure Pilot and the volunteer moderators shall have the right and sole discretion to edit, to refuse to port or to remove any content whatsoever which they find to be in violation of the provisions hereof or which they find in their sole discretion to be otherwise objectionable for any reason.

The opinions expressed in the forums are those of the individual posting the comment and not those of Adventure Pilot. Adventure Pilot is not responsible for any materials provided by users which are deemed harmful or offensive to others. Adventure Pilot is not responsible in any way for any injury, loss, or damage which occurs as a result of a statement or opinion expressed or information provided in these forums. Adventure Pilot is not responsible for the content of any third-party sites linked to from the Adventure Pilot forum site.

Adventure Pilot makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the content in the Adventure Pilot forum site or the accuracy or reliability of any information or statements contained therein. All statements, advice and opinions made by Participants in Adventure Pilot forums are those of such Participants only, and Adventure Pilot neither endorses nor shall be held responsible for the reliability or accuracy of same.