Bluetooth NMEA data output


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Nov 12, 2023
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Hi and thanks for letting me join this forum. I have a Quickie ll with a Trutrak autopilot, which receives NMEA data from my current navigation app. The ifly app certainly looks better than the one I'm currently using, but before I install it on my tablet, does it send the data via Bluetooth? I'm hoping it does. Thank you... Dave D
BTW I have a Bluetooth receiver that converts data from my tablet to RS232, which is wired to my autopilot. Dave D
I want to do exactly the same thing. I am interested in buying a Portapilot and putting a Bluetooth -> RS232 adapter on it. The only option currently to transmit the NMEA data on an iPad is to send to an iLevil AP via WiFi. However, it appears that iOS doesn't let developers connect to generic Bluetooth SPP devices. iFly EFB is a Xamarin app... and it looks like Xamarin only has support for this on the other platforms.

If iFly EFB did this on Windows or Android, I'd be sorely tempted to switch back. I'm currently using an iPad Pro 6 12.9. I do have a comparable sized Surface Pro...

Meanwhile, I'm probably going to buy it and just hook it up to my GNS 480.