Sporty's iPad Recommendations

Don Maxwell

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Apr 13, 2023
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This is a heads-up for Adventure Pilot. Here's what Sporty's says is the best (or most popular) new iPad today:


Most of the pilots we talk to prefer the smaller size of the iPad Mini in Cessna and Piper airplanes.

The good news is that any iPad model will work for pilots, so there’s not a bad choice here. But some are definitely better than others. So which model do we recommend?

Based on our experience talking with pilots flying GA piston airplanes, the iPad mini 6 is by far the most popular choice, primarily because of how well it fits in most cockpits while maintaining a bright screen. For this reason, our first choice would be the iPad Mini 6 with 256GB model as the best iPad for aviation (most popular).

That's from Sporty's iPad Pilot News 9 May 2023.

I've had one for about 14 months and agree with their assessment. Also, its display is almost as bright as the iFly 740 or 740b, and its display is essentially non-reflective. In most situations it appears brighter and easier to read, even in direct sunlight. (I posted several comparative photos on the original iFly Forum that you might find informative, but I can't locate them today.)

I've never used an Android tablet, however, so this is more a notice than a review.


Apr 22, 2023
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FWIW, Ive run iFly on (2) diff. Samsung tabs and a Motorola G7 phone. No issues to speak of, works great.