Auto-Detect for Wireless devices and ADS-B data


May 26, 2023
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Two things I want to ask, discuss here in relation to my setup which does work 100% fine.

I don't fly IRL any longer but use this for X-Plane as this is my only source of flying nowadays.

I know to set the Connected Devices port to Auto-Detect so it picks up XP GPS information (again this works fine) and then for ADS-B I have to go to settings and select Stratux/Flightbox or Stratus III (as they both pick up on port 4000 and this works fine as well)

I've found that once I shut down (Exit Application) iFLY on the tablet and restart, the Connected Devices port will change to what I have set for ADS-B and I have to keep going in and setting for Auto-Detect and the ADS-B port seems to flip to Auto-Detect which I would expect it to pickup port 4000 but it doesn't. I have to go select one of the choices to get port 4000 to be detected.

Is there a way we can resolve this so I don't have to keep going in and setting ports each time I start flying and then shut down the Application? Like maybe determine why Auto-Detect in the ADS-B area does not pickup port 4000? If they both would stay at Auto-Detect and the ADS-B would actually pickup and detect data on port 4000 it really solve problems IMO..

My next question is why is the Connected Devices for Wireless selection in the About Menu? Why would you not have the Connected Devices in the Setup area next to ADS-B settings so you don't have to bounce all over in different areas?

Thanks, David