Avidyne/iFly EFB Integration Webinar starting soon 1pm CST

I didn't get a chance to watch the webinar live, but just watched the recording. I'm a HUGE fan of this combo (iFly + Avidyne). I use the heck out of it on my Cirrus. Foreflight fan-boys (i.e. my old instructor) would give me grief about: a) no glide rings on iFly, b) no W&B in iFly, and c) link to Garmin GPS units wasn't really there (for flight plans). With these latest iFly updates, all those shortcoming are gone. Combine that with my preference for Android phone and tablet and I'm a VERY happy camper. Well done folks...
I wasn't able to make the webinar in person due to work so I wasn't able to post any questions, but I have gone back and watched the recording. I love these resources, thanks for your support.

Has anyone been able to get the Avidyne flight plan transfers to work when connecting the IFD as a client to a 3rd party ADS-B network such as stratus or stratux? The video said you could do it, but my experience is that this doesn't work yet in the current iFly release.