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Jun 20, 2023
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Is there a way to actually file a flight plan with FAA from the 740b? Alternatively, can a flight plan be created on the cell phone app, filed, then open on 740b?
Jim Beeghly

First, you need a userid/password set up at Leidos, which is the service iFly will use to file the flight plan. On the Leidos website be sure to click on Account | Service Provider Authorization, and set iFly GPS to "yes". I would also suggest that you fully fill out the Account | Account Holder (User) information fields. -- I find it very helpful that Leidos is able to look up my flight plan(s) by the telephone number I'm calling from when I call in for a briefing, and also to get texts and emails that allow for me to easily open/close a flight plan.

Before filing your first plan you should have the profile for your aircraft filled out in iFly, so it can pull info from that. Then load/build your flight plan in iFly. Click/tap on the Briefing/Filing button at the bottom of iFly's Flight Plan page, and then File New Plan. At that point I can't recall what happens, because I set this all up years ago. Are you prompted for your Leidos username (email) and password? Or does it just work because of the prior authorization. I think the latter.

After you file a flight plan via iFly you can find it, modify it, whatever on the Leidos website (though none of that is necessary).
There is one hitch that has caught me now and then, when I was re-using a flight plan with which I had previously gotten a briefing and filed with iFly. IF I didn't make the flight and also didn't cancel that flight plan, iFly wouldn't let me file it again. That seems logical enough now--except that I felt it should have timed out and was puzzled when I tried to file later and iFly popped up a cryptic message, something like "it didn't work." Eventually I realized that I had to cancel the plan manually before iFly would let me file again. I just tried it a few minutes ago and it didn't seem as cryptic as a few months ago, so maybe it was fixed. Or I got more sensible. Whatever, I think iFly should automatically cancel a filed plan a day or so after the original planned departure. (Is this just whining about something I ought to know naturally?)
A follow-up question: Is there a way to save a flight plan on one device, say my phone, then open it on another, say my 740b. I tried the synch option, so far unsuccessfully.