iFly Connect for other tablets?


Apr 20, 2023
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I shopping for a replacement for the 740b, and I've been considering the new Tripltek 9 Pro. I see that others have used various other tablets. AP will eventually release some details on the recently teased announcement of their new iFly unit, probably right after I buy something else :) One thing I really love about the 740b is the method of updating using an SD card and iFly Connect. Since I don't have internet access at my hangar, that makes it super convenient.

Does the iFly Connect program work with any other tablets, or was that only for the previous portable units?

iFly Connect was designed as a faster and arguably more convenient alternative to the original USB stick method and later wifi method of updating the dedicated iFly portable devices. It took advantage of the removable SD card and known folder structure on it.

Due to differences from the 7xx devices in how data is stored for Android, iOS, and Windows, those platforms are not good candidates for the iFly Connect method. I also think AP's expectation probably was that wifi for those devices would be easily available. Thus, when support for those devices was introduced, a new, more user-friendly update interface was added that used the host device's readily-available internet connectivity to retrieve the data.

iOS devices do not have removable storage like an SD card. Some Android devices do, but even for those devices not all users will opt to store iFly data on removable storage. Then, even for those who do, different versions of Android locate the app data in different folder structures.

It's not practical for Adventure Pilot to invest the development resources to support an iFly Connect-like update method for tablet devices, since it would/could only potentially be used by a very small number of users.
Thanks for the thorough reply. That all makes sense.