iFly GPS device forward


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Apr 23, 2023
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With today newsletter saying the iFly device will no longer be produced ( but supported) going forward, has anyone thought about options for driving our AP.? I have a Galaxy Tab A which operates the EFB without issues. But I have no way of driving my Trio AP with that Tab A.. Is there other choices for driving that from the EFB on a Tab A OR Other devices capable of having the NMEA output available for that.? Just thinking down the road for what might be our options.
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Agree , the best thing to do is keep on using the 740b, it has worked well for years and if supported that's much better that other "G" avionics I ve owned in past. Actually have continued owning and using them "without support" including sold the airplane with it still working.!
I have a 740b that I no longer use if anyone is interested. I'm more than willing to give you a good deal.
I have the box, all of the accessories, and SD card if you're interested.