Import KML file as an overlay.


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Oct 9, 2023
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It would be helpful to be able to import KML files and use as an overlay on top of any map. In Colorado we have practice areas defined in KML format that you can dowload and display on top of a google map. FF lets you import these following the instructions shown on the Colorado Pilots Association web page.

The KML files are pretty lightweight. They just contain the geographic data to define points or paths. Here is what the result of importing this KML file looks like imported to google earth:

It shows a a bit more detail about the practice areas than what is on the VFR sectional, or any other map available. The Sectional Chart has a note about heavy training in the area, and a frequency. This is not even a map file. It's more like flight plan data. Just the overlay of the geographic points on top of any map you have displayed. It is nice for keeping separation from other pilots when out in the practice areas.