load recently approved (by ATC) flight plans


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Jul 20, 2023
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I'm interested in an IFR flight plan related capability. specifically, when filing and IFR plan, is there a way to reference prior IFR flight plans that other pilots have been assigned by ATC? I keep hearing the ForeFlight boys talk about when they enter departure and destination for an IFR plan, they have the ability to see other routes recently issued/accepted by ATC...so they can pick one of those and hopefully get an "as filed" response when opening the plan. Can we do that in iFly?
Unfortunately, the flight planning features in iFly todat are (in my opinion) rather disappointing. I currently do my flight planning outside of iFly--I use (free) FltPlan.com (or the FltPlan GO app on phone/tablets, which internally connects to fltplan.com) to file my plans. They provide a list of recently-assigned ATC routes between your origin and destination airports that you can browse through (and pick from) when you build your plan.
This would be great. An IFR version of real plan.
I'd like to have iFly's Flight Plan coordinate with 1800wxbrief.com.