Map Download Issue


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Apr 14, 2023
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Not sure if others are experiencing this on their 740x. I noticed this weekend that there were multiple areas of the JAX sectional that were white'ed out at various zoom levels between 5NM and 20 NM. Figured I had a bad download. Popped in my second card (updated right after the first one) and flew again. Same issue. Wiped one of the cards, rebuilt it and re-downloaded the maps. Same issue. These are all using the current cycle. It was not present last cycle. Not having the issue on the iPad. I use iFly Connect to update the SD cards. Sorry not infront of the plane right now to take pictures.
If you were using a tablet, I'd suggest you submit a bug report. (Can you duplicate the issue on a phone or tablet?)

Occasionally, there are glitches in the data files. Usually it's a quick fix once they're pointed out to Adventure Pilot. You might try calling the support number, which can be found here: