New iFly device ?


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May 3, 2023
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My original purchase of the iFly products was based on the devices more than the software. That balanced over time, but the device is still a significant part of the equation.

For me and many of my fellow pilots, the iFly devices were much better in terms of screen brightness/readability. I fly with iPads and a 740b. For me, the iPad is so that I can plan and communicate plans with my fellow pilots that use Foreflight. If there had been a easy way to share between the 740b and an iPad, I wouldn't need an iPad and Foreflight subscription backup.

I would like to see a discussion comparing the 740b, the new device, and iPads. Readability in a bright cockpit (RV's) is primary. I hope to hear more discussion from anyone that has the facts available.

ps: I am not a "New Member" as the screen says. I have been an actively involved customer since the very beginning.