Satellite Map View

This has been requested before. I don't know how much it would cost for Adventure Pilot to license satellite views of the entire country so they could make that data available to customers, but the data storage requirement on the local device is also prohibitive.

Here's a link to an archived discussion from a few years ago on the old forum:
An idea came to me the other day in reference to this request. I don't know anything about programming, and don't even know if it's possible, or if I'd ever use this feature, having said that, here's my idea/question:

Would it be possible to display only the items we can add in the "Inst Group" setup. But have the rest of the map invisible, and allow another program show through? For example. You could have your local mapping program displaying the position of your device on a satellite view, and iFly would only place those items in your chosen Inst. Group (Heading Tape, Altitude, Time to next waypoint, destination, etc.)


The "Native mapping program" above could be whatever other program you have on your display that you may want to look at while having your chosen critical information (heading, on course heading, destination, etc.) displayed for easy reference. This would seem only really useful for VFR, and ideally to let those that want to use their internet connection while airborne to show their chosen brand of mapping, but could be used to have anything else on their device to show through.
Not sure about the comment that storage would be prohibitive. Then how does FF and Garmin Pilot do it?
It's already possible to save googlemaps satellite maps for an area. I've done that successfully many times, including maps for a fairly large area in southern Patagonia. Here's how to get started:

In GoogleMaps, tap on the figure in the upper right corner and this dialog (the white area) should appear:

This shows more of this page:


This skips a bit--but you'll see how it works:

It's a free service and can be very useful--if you plan ahead.

Downloaded maps are easy to delete later to regain storage space.