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Apr 13, 2023
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With the establishment of a new forum, we've also established some (very easy to follow) user expectations. In short, they are:
  • Be welcoming. Everyone is invited to participate in these forums, regardless of race, religion, gender, political affiliation, or any other classification.
  • Be polite. We are all individuals deserving of respect. Differences of opinion are expected to occur, but reasonable people can find reasonable ways to discuss such differences. Be reasonable, and be polite.
  • Be helpful. Everyone was a new iFly user once, and things that are familiar to long-time users may be unfamiliar to new users. Even iFly veterans may not know all the capabilities of iFly EFB. The different user experiences we all have are an asset here—sharing information from those who know to those who don’t in a positive way is the primary purpose of this forum.
  • Be relevant. These forums are intended to support the use of iFly EFB and legacy iFly GPS, and improvement of iFly EFB. The Internet is full of places to discuss other topics. Let’s keep our discussions here focused on iFly.
There is also a common-sense list of behavior and content that is not appropriate for this forum, including but not necessarily limited to:
  • Harassment, personal attacks, or other malicious behavior against forum users, including “trolling” (intentionally provoking or antagonizing other users)
  • Vulgar, abusive, or otherwise offensive language
  • Offensive material such as pornography or violent content
  • Solicitations and advertisements
  • Promotion of illegal activities
  • Political or religious discussions
  • Any other content that Adventure Pilot deems to detract from the goals of these forums
There is a small staff of volunteer moderators who will work to keep the forum compliant with these criteria.

A full list of the site Terms and Rules can be found here (there is also a link at the very bottom of every page): Terms and Rules
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