Sticky: Welcome to the new Adventure Pilot / iFly Forum site! Here's some info to get you started.

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Apr 13, 2023
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Welcome, and congratulations for finding your way to the new Adventure Pilot iFly EFB and GPS forum! We're now based on Xenforo, a popular message forum platform and one that many users are probably familiar with. However, if you were familiar with the old iFly forums, you will notice some significant differences here. Let me highlight a few of them (note that these instructions assume you have registered as a user here; if you don't log in, you can still see the content here but you can't post messages of your own):
  1. How to post a new thread: There are two main ways to post a new thread. Both methods will open a new message form for you to compose your post.
    1. Click the orange "Post Thread" button in the upper-right of most screens
    2. Click on the Forums tab at the top of the page, click to enter the forum you want to start a new topic in, and start typing in the "Thread Title" field at the top of the list of topics.
  2. "Allow question actions": In the two Support forums (for iFly EFB and iFly GPS), new posts have some options at the bottom to "Allow question actions".
    1. If you select "Yes" here it will enable you as the original poster (OP) to later choose a reply as the "Solution" to your question or request. Additionally, other users will be able to vote up/down responses. In theory, this will allow good solutions to "bubble up to the top", and also allow later users with the same problem or question to quickly find the answer or help they're looking for via the forum Search tools.
    2. If you select "No", then it will be a "normal" post with no voting options and no ability for the OP to select a "Solution" from among the replies. It will just be an original post with a series of replies (i.e., the same format that all posts had in the original iFly forums).
  3. Polling: In this General forum, you don't have the "Allow question actions" available in the EFB and GPS forums, but you do have the option to ask respondents to vote in a poll. At the top of the message body window, there are two tabs: "Discussion" and "Poll".
    1. "Discussion" is just a normal post with replies.
    2. Selecting "Poll" will open an additional pane below the message body and let you type in a question, then add up to 10 possible responses for other users to select as their vote. You can choose where responders can cast multiple votes, and how many, whether they can change their vote once it's cast, whether they must vote to view the poll results, and how long the poll will stay open for voting. You can still write a message to go along with the poll, too.
  4. Automatic saving when composing a message: When composing a new thread or making a reply, Xenforo will automatically save your progress every 30 seconds. While this can be helpful if you accidentally navigate away from the page before you post your message, it can also be confusing if you decide not to post, as your text may persist in the reply window indefinitely. If you notice this and it bothers you, you can click on the disk icon in the upper-right of the message body pane, and select "Delete draft". You can also select all of your text, and tap "Backspace" or "Delete" to erase it.
  5. Options for different display styles: The default style ("Standard") is meant to evoke the feel of the original site. However, some users may prefer a darker color palette ("Dark Mode"), especially when browsing at night. There are two ways to change the display style:
    1. In the upper-right area of the page, click on your username, then select "Properties". At the top of the list is the "Style" field. Click on the field to select between "Standard" and "Dark Mode".
    2. At the very bottom-left of the page (gotta scroll all the way down!), there will be a paintbrush icon with either "Standard" or "Dark Mode" next to it, depending on which style you have currently chosen. Click on that, and you'll get a "Style chooser" popup where you can select between "Standard" and "Dark Mode".
  6. How to control email alerts: One thing that may not be appreciated by all users is Xenforo's more aggressive email alerting of new activity. If you decide you're getting too many emails from this forum, you can easily control that: Click on your username in the upper-right area of the page, click "Preferences", and scroll down to the "Receive a notification when someone..." section. Uncheck anything you don't want to get emails about.
There are some other differences you may notice, hopefully all positive. For instance, I'm a big fan of the "What's new" tab, which helps me quickly identify new posts and activity on the site. The "Search" feature on the old forum also left much to be desired. Xenforo's search is not perfect, but I think it's much improved over the old site. It's also much easier to post images into messages here (in most cases you can just copy and paste!) and adjust their sizing. Etc.

It's unfortunate that we were unable to migrate the data from the old forum to this one. The old forum site will be maintained in a read-only status for a period of time (maybe ~a year or so), but will eventually be deleted. Until it's gone, it can still be accessed here:

If you have questions about how to use the new forum, please post a message here and we'll see if we can help you out!
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