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Apr 13, 2023
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Welcome to the iFly GPS Support subforum! This is primarily a peer-to-peer, users helping users environment, not an official Adventure Pilot support channel. In general, folks here will try their best to get your problem solved, but please understand that this is a volunteer effort.

For best results, please include as much of the following info as possible in your post, to help us help you:
  • Device model info (ex: "iFly 720", "iFly 740b", etc.)
  • Version of iFly GPS you're running (Menu > About > Version & Contact). Note that the last production version of iFly GPS was 11.1.25.
  • If you're experiencing problems, then if possible, describe how to reproduce the problem you're having so others can follow in your footsteps on their own devices
  • If appropriate and possible, photos or video recordings of the behavior can be very helpful in understanding your situation
  • If you're asking a question about how to perform a function in iFly GPS, please be as clear as possible so folks can understand what you're looking for and give you the best response possible
Note that if you have identified a bug in iFly GPS, the most effective way to communicate that to Adventure Pilot is to submit a bug report, including the log file of the session where the anomaly occurred. Since submitting bug reports for iFly portable devices is not as simple as it is for the iFly EFB app running on a tablet or phone, it's recommended that you call the Adventure Pilot support line for assistance (phone number is available via the Support link below).

If you submit a bug report, that's not a guarantee the bug will get fixed. However, if you see a bug and don't report it, then that practically guarantees it won't get fixed!

If you can't get your issue resolved here, there are more support options available at the iFlyEFB website:
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